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A Look at the Life of a Crescent Fruit and Vegetable Onion

There are many varieties of onions and Crescent Fruit and Vegetable grows only the most flavorful, hearty types of each variety. Here’s a glimpse into the journey a Crescent Fruit and Vegetable Onion takes to get to your family’s table.


We grow “short day” variety onions. They are called this because they are grown during the time of the year when the days are shortest (fall and winter). Our farms are located in a part of the world, Mexico and Texas, where temperatures are much more moderate during those times. The growing areas further north are much too cold to grow onions then, so they wait until it warms up (spring and summer). That’s when the days are longer and that’s why they grow the “long day” varieties.

Onions can withstand more temperature fluctuations than most produce items. They are, in general, very hearty. Ideal temperature for long term storage in the store or home is in the range of 38 to 50 F with low humidity. However, many folks learned from their grandparents that a cool, dry spot like a basement can keep onions ready-to-use for as long as six months.

For most of the onion’s growing life, only the rootsand maybe half an inch of the bulb are below ground. The majority of the bulb sits on top of the dirt, but the roots extend well down into the earth. The digging process is done to disrupt the root system and make it easier for the harvester to pull the onion out of the ground.


They are left on top of the ground for 3 to 7 days to finish curing. After that, the roots and tops are trimmed off and they get another 24 to 72 hours of curing before they are packed in our state of the art facility and shipped to your stores.


From the time the onion bulbs are first dug or lifted until arriving at your grocery store ranges from 10-14 days. This length of time includes necessary time for curing and should allow for maximum shelf life in the store and also in the consumers refrigerated produce drawer. If properly stored in cool and dry conditions, it is not unusual for onions to stay as good as new for over a month.