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Watermelon Prosciutto Bites

Watermelon Prosciutto Bites



Slice cucumber into 1/4" rounds. Cut watermelon into 1/4" thick triangles large enough to fit on cucumber rounds. Slice feta cheese into 1/4" thick rectangles, also large enough to fit on cucumber rounds. Slice prosciutto into 1/2" wide strips, about 3 inches long. Wash basil and separate into individual leaves.
Pour balsamic into saucepan, bring to gentle boil, continue to boil gently until reduced by half, about 15-20 minutes. Stir in 1 tablespoon sugar until dissolved, taste, add more as desired. Cool.
To assemble appetizers:
Stack watermelon slices on cucumber slices, followed by feta cheese. Fold prosciutto strips into thirds and stack on feta. Follow this with 1 basil leaf. Thread stacks onto skewers. Serve with balsamic glaze as dipping sauce.

Recipe created by Executive Chef Michelle Gonsalves