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A Look at the Life of a Crescent Fruit and Vegetable Watermelon

Crescent Fruit and Vegetable is committed to growing and providing the sweetest, juiciest watermelons around. Here's a glimpse into the journey a Crescent Fruit and Vegetable Watermelon takes to get to your backyard barbecues and family get-togethers.

Depending on the weather conditions during the growing season, it typically takes 100 to 120 days (3-4 months) for our watermelons to reach "pick-ready" maturity. Crescent Fruit and Vegetable Watermelons are harvested by hand and then carefully placed into field trucks to be transported to our cooling and packing sheds. This ensures that they arrive in your stores in the best shape possible and ready for you to enjoy. Grab the napkins! Since Crescent Fruit and Vegetable ships melons across the country, the timeframe from harvest to store shelf can vary from just one to five short days! Our watermelons are traceable using HarvestMark Technology – a code stickered onto every melon will direct you to more information about that very watermelon, including when it was harvested and which area of a specific field it was grown. Click here to experience HarvestMark traceability.